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Services Provided

How awesome would it be to have fresh made coffee, specialty beverages, and fresh baked treats delivered right to your party or workplace meeting? And it’s all very affordable! Now you can, with Taster’s Paradise Delivery & Catering service!

Delivery/Catering Service:

$200 minimum for orders.  Call to schedule a time to come by.
Need 2 Days minimum notice 
Delivery Charge may apply
Business/Venue can order additional drinks on the spot, but original order has to be at least $100
Parking has to be permissible, and on flat, or mostly flat area not blocking traffic
No same day cancellations/refunds
Orders/requests are dependent on availability
Customizable Menus available! Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Desserts, or just Drinks! Menu may need adjustment based on amount of people.

Small Gas Fee & Standard Tip Applies

All orders come with complementary napkins, forks, stirs, sweeteners, and cream, or whatever else is needed depending on your order.

Business Visits:

Business can request me to be there on their property and sell to them and their customer’s or guests
Time and number of days is based on availability
Need 1-3 Days minimum notice
Has to be within rules/regulations of the city, (Cannot be too close to competition)
No charge to business to sell on their property
Parking has to be provided on a mostly flat area, not blocking traffic
Cannot park on the street
Catering truck measures 23’x7'
Requests are dependent on availability

***Available for Parties, Weddings, Events, Meetings, & more! Contact for details.

Roadside Service:

I will be at various locations throughout the week. Follow me on Facebook to find out where!

***For Big Events, we can make exceptions on hours available.
The more notice we get for orders or requests, the better! Thank you!

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